Paper Mario: The Origami King, a new project for Nintendo

Nintendo never ceases to surprise us…. They have announced Paper Mario: The Origami King which will be released on July 17th…

A little reminder of Mario’s record of achievements

Mario shows us the tip of his moustache for the first time on the Nintendo 64, he was a huge success. After conquering the hearts of Nintendo 64 players, Mario will also be a huge success on the many consoles of the brand: GameCube, Wii, 3DS and Wii U.

Paper Mario The Origami King

Paper Mario has decided to celebrate its 20th anniversary at the same time as the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros by releasing a new opus on Switch this summer! The new game is called Paper Mario: The Origami King and will be released on July 17.

History of the game

You will find Mario with his new teammate Olivia, you will then go on an adventure to face King Olly and his army.

When you start the adventure, you will be treated to the famous Mario scenario, where King Olly will attack Princess Peach. He unfortunately transformed into origami, then wrapped his castle with colorful ribbons. And to top it all off, he took it all to a remote mountain.

boss Paper Mario The Origami King

In order to rescue your princess, you will have to pass through the burning desert, travel across the seas and recruit many allies. And as you can see in the trailer above, your long-time enemy Bowser can come to your aid.

Nintendo did enlighten us about Olivia’s power, she holds the “origami power”. Thanks to the power of this one, Mario will be able to have the ability “Multi-bent arm” but also other transformations.

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