What is Libra Memoria, the newspaper of death notices on the net

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The death of a loved one is always a difficult time. Also, to allow everyone to concentrate on their mourning, sites specialized in the tribute to the deceased have emerged in recent years.

Libra Memoria is one of those websites that meet the expectations of the relatives of the deceased, providing services adapted to honor the memory of the deceased: search for a death notice and get information on the organization of the funeral, prepare and carry out the steps after the death, pay tribute to the deceased, send flowers.

This internet obituary journal is managed by a team of caring and professional people whose goal is to provide appropriate service to those who have lost a loved one.

Publish and view an online obituary

How to publish an obituary on Libra Memoria?

When a person dies, the next of kin must complete certain formalities. One of them is the publication of a death notice. This can be done in a variety of ways, but more and more people are choosing to post obituaries online.

Libra Memoria allows you to publish an obituary quickly in 5 easy steps.

To begin, choose the type of obituary on the website.

You can choose from several types of notices in addition to the death announcement, which allows you to tell family and friends about the death of a loved one and the funeral ceremony.

  • Acknowledgements: to thank all those who offered their condolences upon the announcement of the death;
  • Notice of Mass: to announce to relatives the celebration of a service in memory of the deceased;
  • Anniversary of death: to recall the date of death of a deceased person and celebrate his memory.
  • Remembrance: to share the memory of a departed person

Once you have made this choice, you can fill in the required information about your loved one. Be sure to include their full name, date of birth and death, and the message you wish to include. You can also add a photo of the deceased.

Once you have completed all required fields, you may submit your obituary for publication.

Publish an obituary on the internet

You can choose to publish only your obituary on the Libra Memoria website. The deceased’s loved ones will be able to leave a message of remembrance and add a star to the memorial page to show their support.

Publish a death notice in a local newspaper

If you wish to publish your death notice in a local newspaper, Libra Memoria makes it easy for you to create and publish your death notice by transmitting the information to the selected newspaper. It will then be published after receipt in the local newspaper of your choice, as well as on the Libra Memoria notice board.

How to find the death notice of a person on Libra Memoria?

If you are looking for a person’s obituary, the Libra Memoria website makes it easy to find.

You can search by name, location, date and publication journal. With these options, you are sure to find the information you are looking for.

Services to pay tribute to the deceased

Whatever the form, paying tribute to the deceased is a way to keep their memory alive in our hearts and minds. It is also a way to share our memories with those who knew and loved them.

Libra Memoria offers on its website various services to pay tribute to the deceased and preserve the memory of loved ones.

How do I pay my respects on Libra Memoria?

You may leave a token of sympathy in memory of your loved one on their memorial page. His signs of affection can help us express our grief for the loss of a loved one and our support for grieving families.

And what better way than the symbolism of a star added to the page commemorating the deceased on the Libra Memoria website.

How to send flowers to a funeral with Libra Memoria?

When a loved one passes away, sending flowers is a great way to show support to family members during this difficult time. Libra Memoria accompanies you by giving you the possibility to order flowers online. You can have them delivered, with a personalized message of condolence, directly to the place of the funeral, the family’s home, the funeral home or the cemetery.

Planting trees in memory of lost loved ones

Libra Memoria has set up a service with a forest management company to allow families and friends of a deceased person to plant a tree that will symbolically bear the memory of the deceased.

Funeral directories

To help you organize the funeral of a loved one, Libra Memoria offers an interactive directory to help you find the right funeral home by location.

A source of information

Libra Memoria provides useful advice and practical information on this delicate moment of mourning.

In conclusion, Libra Memoria is a newspaper that lists death notices on the Internet and also offers services to help you with the formalities after the death of a loved one.

Libra Memoria accompanies you in these difficult moments of mourning so that you can best honor and maintain the memory of the deceased.

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