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The English term metaverse is a contraction of the word “meta” – that is, beyond – and the word “universe”. In French, a metaverse can be defined as a virtual and fictitious world. Thus, this term is generally used to name a virtual space in digital spaces, be it virtual reality, social media and networks, or online video games.

In the metaverse ecosystem, a brand new project called Next Earth is currently experiencing growing success.

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Next Earth, an innovative project

Next Earth is an innovative metaverse project, which is becoming increasingly successful at the moment. Mining players in the cryptocurrency space are particularly interested in this, especially since a meeting was held online on September 27, 2021.

Available on the internet ( ), Next Earth is not just another blockchain startup. Indeed, the Next Earth project has the particularity to be a real copy of the planet Earth based on the Non-Fungible Token (NFT). If other projects in the universe of metavers are in progress, Next Earth has the particularity to be the only one which makes available virtual parcels of the planet Earth in the form of NFT.

The Next Earth project is finally relatively simple and within everyone’s reach, since it is about proposing to any interested person to acquire the title of a virtual property of what interests him. In concrete terms, each person can buy immutable land titles, thus allowing financial participation in the virtual economy of the project, without this economy in the making being dependent on companies, public authorities or the central servers of the main networks and social media. So freedom is the order of the day, without control or authorization.

In this way, the Next Earth project contributes to the emergence of an economy devoted to virtual goods, with, for example, in the long run, why not, the possibility offered to see the emergence of a virtual real estate. Thus, the strength of this project lies in the fact that the initiators of Next Earth guarantee to the buyers to acquire a virtual property title independent from the central servers.

Therefore, people wishing to invest in the Next Earth project can freely buy goods online from other members, or trade them, with the guarantee that their property cannot be transferred to a third party without their permission. Thus, users become full-fledged landowners.

And at Blu News we have tested it !
Here is an example of Land Art made on our plot:

blu news nft
The plot is located on the Monegasque coast if you are looking for it 😉

Next Earth : a worldwide success

This original approach of Next Earth allows it to have, currently, a notorious, growing and dazzling success, insofar as 25 million spaces on Next Earth have already found buyers. Blu News is not to be outdone, since, like many people and structures, we have also tried the adventure by volunteering to acquire a plot of Next Earth.

The success of Next Earth is therefore at the rendezvous, and this one does not deny itself. Indeed, since the online meeting held on September 27, 2021, millions of buyers around the world have already volunteered to invest in this project. Similarly, many articles and videos are circulating on the web on the subject, especially on specialized media, such as Yahoo! Finance, Financial Post, Digital Journal, Cryptopolian, News BTC, Bitcoinist, or Crypto News China.

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The strength of Next Earth

The strength of Next Earth lies in the fact that it has managed to federate a community of an international dimension, being supported by more than 24,000 people on Twitter, more than

22,000 members on discord, over 2,700 members on Telegram, over 7,100 members on Facebook, and over 900 members on Youtube. Thanks to this massive presence on different media and social networks, its numerous members can virtually meet, exchange and share their points of view in order to build the metaverse together. Organizations and structures also support the Next Earth project in different countries around the world. Finally, the Next Earth project has garnered the support of several partners, including Reliable Extensible Efficient Fast (Reef), Safe Energy, Save the World, and Story Token (Story). In short, Next Earth has been able to create a real ecosystem and digital environment capable of supporting the project in the long term.

Let’s hope that the Next Earth project will meet the expected success, and that it will contribute to the emergence of a metaverse capable of bringing together anyone who wants to participate in the construction of a virtual world.

Update December 19, 2021:

Next Earth updates its blockchain and now only goes through Polygon Matic!

Originally Next Earth used the Binance Smart Chain blockchain for each transaction, but the costs and recurring problems of this blockchain pushed the team to turn to Matic, more stable and less expensive in terms of fees.

Update January 12, 2021:

Recently NextEarth has launched its own cryptocurrency, the NXTT. The NXTT crypto currency is the native currency of running on the Polygon network. It powers and serves as the basis for NextEarth’s economy as a utility token. It also allows for complete flexibility in the process, allowing for the best possible distribution of tokens to support the economy over the long term.

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