Google Translation: A clear improvement in 2021!

Think back to your early years in school. When you had an assignment in English (or any other language) and you went to reverso or google translation to translate the words you didn’t understand.

We are talking about a time that is quite distant for some. You should also remember what the teachers told you. They said that translating a whole text on a translation platform was not a good idea, because the text would be distorted and it would not mean anything anymore. It’s not wrong!

We are talking about a time when artificial intelligence does not yet exist. Today, with a translation platform like you can translate texts of 2,000 words into any language you want. And the text will be understandable.

While has remained the market leader for 2017 now, there is still one translation platform that has proven itself in recent times. Let’s just say that it has improved over time. And I’m talking about google translation. Let’s see it right away.

1. How to use Google translation?

Nothing could be easier. Go to the google search bar, and mark “google translation”. You will arrive on this page:


Just copy and paste your text and wait a few seconds before you get the translation. Of course you can choose the language you want.

By clicking on “document”, you can directly put a format, whatever it is:

select a google translation document

As you can see, it is a very simple tool to use. So simple compared to its beginnings that it is intriguing!

2. An improvement in 2021!

Indeed, Google often updates its services. If at the time the interface was a bit limited, today it is undeniable that it is simple, fast and efficient. Before, you had to write one word at a time, wait a good 10 seconds and get a very rough translation. Today, it even offers synonyms, sentence variations, etc. You can even find a history of your searches. But the charm of Google translation remains its design, more than simple, more than playful, Google translation could perhaps compete with translation platforms like (market leader). Finally nothing is done.

Today, Google uses an artificial intelligence similar to that of When you insert complex phrases, Google translation can identify the phrase and provide a translation that is appropriate for the situation. Beware, there are still some flaws compared to, but it remains very professional.

3. Conclusion

Google Translation is a tool that has improved with time, it has not much to envy to its main competitor “”. Google will remain simple, fun, easy to use. The features of google are on the whole impressive. I wouldn’t be surprised if they improve their translation tool in the next few years.

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