Air conditioning : Useful tips against the summer heat


Summers in Germany and Central Europe are getting hotter and hotter, which increases the risk of sunburn and heat stroke. Therefore, the following article gives you some useful tips on how to effectively protect yourself from the hot summer weather.

Protecting the skin

The most important thing to do when summer temperatures are high is to protect your skin by coating all exposed areas with a sufficiently strong sunscreen. This is especially important when on vacation at the beach or at home in the community pool.

Wear the right clothes

This goes hand in hand with wearing the right summer clothes. Above all, these should be loose-fitting. Linen pants are ideal for this purpose. Sometimes they even have a cooling effect. Finally, T-shirts and shorts are not suitable for all places. In the office or on vacation, when visiting a church, long pants should be worn for men and a shoulder-length dress for women.

Air Conditioners, Fans and More

In enclosed spaces, air conditioning and fans help make the sweltering heat more bearable. This is especially important during work, otherwise your concentration will quickly fade. Mobile air conditioners are best suited for moving from one office to another. In France, they can be found under the term best mobile air conditioner 2023, that is, the best air conditioners for summer 2023.

Hats, caps, bonnets

The best way to protect your head is to wear a hat or cap of your choice. Breathable models are the most appropriate. In addition, it is useful to run the headgear under refreshing water from time to time to keep your head cool. At the same time, you can make a personal statement with a design on the cap.

Drink water and cool drinks

With the sweltering heat of summer, many people automatically sweat a lot. So you need to compensate for this fluid loss by drinking enough water. With temperatures in the 30s and 40s, that’s easily three or four liters a day. A cold tea, a cold granita or a cold cola can also do wonders. However, you should be careful not to drink too many sugary drinks. But if summer drinks contain a lot of vitamins, you can drink them without hesitation.

Fresh and cold dishes

The Spaniards set an example with their cold soup called gazpacho – in summer, it is better to opt for cold dishes and fresh salads than for hearty meat dishes. Most of the time, the feeling of hunger automatically decreases in case of excessive heat. Often a colorful fruit salad or a delicious watermelon will do the trick.

Cool off in an outdoor pool, lake or sea

When the summer heat is unbearable, it is easy to decide to spend a few hours at the outdoor pool or in a nearby swimming lake. Vacations at the sea are fashionable in summer for most families anyway. When working from home, it is finally useful to put your feet in a cold bath, that is, a bucket for example. Otherwise, a shady spot is always better than full sun.

Ventilate in the morning and close the blinds.

During the summer months, it is best to air out early in the morning and create a draft while the temperatures are still bearable. This is especially true for rooms directly under the roof. Once the sun has warmed the rooms, the only solution is to keep the blinds closed or turn on the fan. People who exercise should also do so in the morning or evening.

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