Xiaomi: Number one in global smartphone sales in June 2021

Xiaomi is on top of the smartphone world, according to Counterpoint Research: the Chinese company sold more devices than anyone else in the world during June 2021. It therefore beats, for the first time, the two companies that have always competed for the prestigious title, namely Samsung and Apple. The news echoes the one from just a few days ago that Xiaomi topped the vendor rankings in Europe (for the entire quarter).

The report doesn’t share specific numbers, but the market shares speak for themselves – Xiaomi reaches 17.1%, Samsung 15.7% and Apple 14.3%. It is interesting to observe the trend over time: if for Apple and Samsung there have been periods of strong growth with others of significant contraction, the Xiaomi curve is in (more or less) constant ascension, with an acceleration in the last period that is easy to explain in two simple words: Huawei Ban .

counterpoint June 2021

Since the Ren Zhengfei-led giant has been held back by the United States, Xiaomi has obviously been the company that has best taken advantage of its (not too slow) decline. It should be noted that this is not the ideal time for Apple, given that the arrival of the new iPhones is only a few months away, and that Samsung is going through a difficult period caused by factory closures in Vietnam due to the pandemic.

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