Stolen smartphone: how to find all your contacts?

The loss of a cell phone is not limited to the disappearance of an important asset. This is often synonymous with the loss of significant data, in this case contacts. When your smartphone is stolen, the situation is even more worrying, as the counterfeiter can exploit your data at your expense. In such a case, you would probably want to retrieve your contacts to maintain communication with their owners.

Ask your relatives to give you their numbers

If you find that your smartphone has been stolen, get in touch with your loved ones physically, if possible. Feel free to visit people who live in the same area as you. You can devote a weekend to this little journey.

Another way to ask relatives for their numbers is to contact them by e-mail. Log on to your computer and write to the people whose email addresses you have. Expect questions about your identity because they should be looking to make sure your email account hasn’t been hacked.

As you probably know, all kinds of scams are carried out through electronic messages. People who are more cautious may avoid sending you their contacts. They might want to meet you physically before deciding. Since not everyone opens their mailbox regularly, you will also need to be patient in waiting for responses. Also, if you are friends with certain people on social networks, then go through these channels to ask them for their phone numbers.

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Use a directory to find lost contacts

It goes without saying that recovering the contact list after your smartphone has been stolen will be a difficult task. The direct method indicated above has some limitations. You can complete it by using a directory. It is possible to know the number of an individual through a directory, and this, in a few clicks. Cet outil est utile pour retrouver les contacts des personnes dont vous n’avez pas les adresses mail et avec qui vous n’êtes pas ami sur les réseaux sociaux. With such a directory, you won’t have to wait long to find a number.

This is especially interesting for retrieving numbers of people you are not close to. For example, such a platform will allow you to easily find the contact information of your boss if you are an employee. Similarly, a directory will save you from having to refer clients to get their numbers again if you are a provider.

In most cases, a contact directory presents an easy to use interface. Depending on the directory you choose, you may only need to enter the name and city of the person whose number you are looking for. The result is often displayed in a few seconds.

One of the advantages of this solution is that it is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. You can take advantage of it at any time when you need a contact. You also have the possibility of devoting your free time to the reconstitution of your telephone directory. Be sure to choose a directory that includes information from many telephone operators. This will ensure that you benefit from an extensive database. In case you can’t find certain contacts on one site, look for them on another. There is a good chance that you will win your case by doing so.

Recover your contacts from the cloud

You have the possibility to recover the numbers of your stolen smartphone by referring to the cloud. However, they must be saved there beforehand. Overall, a mobile under the Android or iOS operating system offers users the option of saving contacts on the cloud. When creating a contact, you have the option to associate it with a backup medium.

If you have made this option for all or some of the numbers, you will find all the elements concerned. If it is an Android phone, you will need to open the “Contacts” application after accessing your Gmail account. You will find the saved numbers. If you are now using a new phone, you can automatically synchronize contacts with it.

If your stolen phone is an iPhone, you need to go to your account and then to the advanced settings. You will then have to click on “Restore contacts”. You will be asked to choose the archive of contacts to restore. Once you have made your choice, all you have to do is confirm the restoration. Your numbers saved on the cloud will be in the phonebook of your new phone.

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Stolen smartphone: the steps to follow

When you discover that your phone has been stolen, there are certain steps you should take as soon as possible. Automatically refer to your operator to request the suspension of your line. Your SIM card will be blocked and the thief will not be able to use it to make calls. This is a precaution that will allow you to avoid any communication that could compromise you. Your line can be restored at any time if you find your mobile and ask the operator.

Another action to take is to file a complaint for phone theft at a police station or gendarmerie brigade. You will need to provide law enforcement with the phone’s IMEI number. Your operator will certainly give you this number when you call. The police or the gendarmerie will block the device which will be unusable. Then try to locate your property by using an application or a website designed for that purpose. If you are lucky, inform the police, who are the only ones who can act in such a situation.

If your mobile contains applications for which the use of passwords is necessary, finally connect with another device and change them. This way you avoid the risk of the thief using your confidential data. If your phone is covered by insurance, contact your insurer to enforce coverage.

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