How to charge the Nintendo Switch?

You are looking for a way to spend better entertainment with friends and family. Perhaps one of the most convenient ways is to opt for the Nintendo Switch with its many features. It is therefore important to know how to use it to benefit from it. Find out how to charge your Nintendo Switch.

Charging the Nintendo Switch with the docking station

To charge your Nintendo Switch, you can use the docking station. To do this, you must first plug the USB charger into an electrical outlet. Open the cover on the back of your Switch dock.

To recognize the docking station, it is a device that has the shape of a rectangle. It is usually supplied with the console. It has a slot at the top that will allow you to slide the Switch in. To open the back cover of the unit, you will need to grab the top and pull it back. You can get help from vendors or a console repair specialist.

Now connect the USB charger to your docking station. Plug it into the port that displays AC Adapter on the back cover. You will find the ports on the left side of the box which is located on the back of the rear cover. Now slide the cable into the small hole on the side of the station.

You can now close the back cover and place the station on a solid surface. When all cables are connected to the station, close the back cover. Make sure the console connector is facing forward.

Now place the console on the docking station. Slide it into the slot at the top of the station. Make sure the touch screen is facing the panel with the logo on the front of the station. When properly positioned, you will see a green light illuminate in the bottom right corner of your Switch.

Charging the Nintendo Switch with a USB cable

It is also possible to charge your Nintendo Switch using a USB cable. It is often recommended to use the official Nintendo Switch charger. In case you don’t have one, you can use a classic USB charger. You can also get them from a professional console repair specialist.

Start by plugging your USB charger into a wall outlet. The official Nintendo Switch charger has a cable that is attached to it. If you don’t have the official Nintendo Switch charger, then connect a USB Type-C cable to the charger. USB Type C cables have a connector with a slightly more oval shape. They are slightly thicker than conventional micro-USB connectors.

You can now connect the USB connector to your Nintendo Switch. To identify the load port, it is located at the bottom middle of the switch. It has a slightly oval shape. All you have to do is plug the USB connector into the console to start charging.

Some practical advice

There is also a way to charge the console without using the docking station. Simply unplug the AC adapter from the station and plug it directly into the station’s switch. The official Nintendo Switch adapter provides enough power to supply and charge the switch. You can also charge your Nintendo Switch with a commercially available third-party Switch adapter.

You can also connect the HDMI cable from your TV set to the station. It should be noted, however, that this will not be useful for loading your console. However, you will need it if you want to continue using your Nintendo Switch with your TV.

To do this, keep the back cover open and connect your HDMI cable to the port that shows “HDMI out”. Once again, you will need to slide the cable through the small hole on the side of the station. Then connect the second end of your cable to one of the ports on your HDTV.

If you’ve put your Nintendo Switch on a shelf, make sure you have enough space. Indeed, it will be useful to remove your console from the station. It is also important to remember that you should take precautions if you use an unofficial charger. This could potentially be detrimental in case of incompatibility with your console system. So you need to make sure you disconnect it every time you see that the Switch is charged.

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