How does the Nintendo Switch work?

The Nintendo switch is a very popular game console for game lovers. It can be used as a home console as well as a portable one. If you have just bought one or are planning to buy one, you will need to know how to use it. If you haven’t already done so, the details below may be of great help. Here’s how the Nintendo Switch works.

The installation of its Nintendo switch

If you intend to use your Nintendo Switch for as long as possible, you must follow the instructions provided regarding its installation. This is even more important when it is the first time you use it. If you don’t do it right, you may not be able to enjoy your console or you may damage it. Know that a good installation requires a good connection. When you buy your game console, it comes with certain items. These are:

  • Joy cons (two in general) and their battery (this one is rechargeable),
  • a power adapter an HDMI cable,
  • a station and a pair of strap.

The pair of wrist straps will allow you to use your console wherever you are. When you turn on your console, you will be asked to choose a language. Then, instructions will appear on the screen to guide you in connecting the HDMI cable and the power adapter. You will also be guided on how to put your Nintendo switch in the docking station. Also, if you notice a malfunction, visit a console repair store.

Turning on and off your Nintendo Switch system

After properly connecting your console, you will need to turn it on in order to start playing. To do this, you will need to use the start-up buttons. You can easily find these buttons on the top of your gaming tablet. Next to these buttons, you can also see the standby buttons and those that allow you to increase or decrease the volume.

When you finish playing, you can put it to sleep if you plan to continue your game afterwards. This is important, because if you leave it on without using it, it will not save battery power. However, if you don’t want to continue the game, you will have to turn it off completely by holding the power button for a few seconds. A menu will appear and you will choose the “turn off” option. In this case, make sure you have saved your current game or you will lose your progress.

Recharge your Nintendo Switch battery

You should remember to recharge your game console’s battery when the need arises. The Nintendo Switch game console can be recharged like most electronic equipment. Your console comes with a USB type C power adapter. Connect it directly to your switch. You can also do it through the dock. However, it may happen that you cannot find your charger or that it is damaged. In this case, you can use the USB Type C cable from your phone or other electronic device. On the other hand, if your charger is no longer working it is a good idea to buy a new one or go to a console repair shop to try to repair it.

Switching from TV to portable mode on the Switch

With the Nintendo Switch, you can switch from handheld mode to TV mode at any time. To do this, you will first need to turn on your console. Then you will need to place it in the docking station. This one is normally connected to your television. Just wait a few seconds and you will see the screen of your switch appear on your TV. Conversely, to switch from TV mode to portable mode, simply remove the Nintendo from its cradle.

Play your Nintendo Switch system with several players

Unlike other consoles, you can play your Nintendo with more than one person. This is possible thanks to the Joy-con supplied with the console. These are indeed controllers that have been designed only for the Nintendo switch. You can use it in several ways. If you are playing alone, you can hold one controller in each hand. However, it is more interesting to use the Joy cons when you are playing a multiplayer game. This will allow to compete at the same time on a single switch for some types of two-player games.

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