Next Earth Promo Code: ETYZG27VZQ

If you like the idea of owning a virtual land, this project is for you. Next Earth is becoming one of the largest virtual real estate platforms in the metaverse.

Next Earth Promo Code : ETYZG27VZQ
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Next Earth, is the first attempt to create a virtual world, based on a decentralized organization and an exact replica of the real world.

This platform allows the purchase and negotiation without intermediary of the Land in NFT; each NFT corresponding to one hundred square meters.

The developers of this project divided their goals into three main pillars:

  1. Give users true virtual land ownership. This property being acquired in a virtual world based on NFT.
  2. The creation of a financial system without intermediaries, facilitated by decentralized financial technologies (DeFi).
  3. Achieving community-based global governance. This governance is facilitated by a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

With the platform acting as a gateway, the goal is to attract as many consumers and businesses to crypto-currencies as possible.

In addition, Next Earth aims to be a “land metaverse” offering a post-transaction mapping system and a platform that should provide incentives to connect with its ecosystem.

It will also be possible to find NFT galleries created, among others, by artists or individual collectors. The blockchain technology used in this project is Polygon (Matic). This technology was chosen for its low gas rate and fast blocking times, allowing for the best possible user experience. The two main components of the Smart Contracts architecture are the payment contract and the NFT contract.

The NFT is based on the ERC721 standard that facilitates payment processing and property storage. The standard ERC721 structure will allow future integration of third-party marketplaces or any other dApp using standard NFTs, as well as the use of the blockchain technology ecosystem.

All payments for purchases and exchanges are made pursuant to a written payment contract specifically in Solidity language.

The platform is composed of several elements that ensure its proper functioning.

  • The project uses the Google Maps application: The regions are arranged as “tiles” using a grid view. These tiles are made visible using the API and various Google Maps features
  • The project is managed by the Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), hosted by Google Cloud, supervised by Prometheus and secured by the NGINX Ingress Controller.

It is an open source framework that is capable of capturing large amounts of data per second. This makes it ideal for complex workloads.

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